Mengwe Security Services Limited is a Tanzania security Company which is a ‘Company limited by shares’.

The registered office of the Company is in Tanzania with its Head office in Arusha Region.

Tanzania has its environment politically, economically and socially secured and Tanzanians enjoy the bread of their activities with no fear of hazard and bad interventions. Generally we can define Tanzanian Environment as most secured place to Invest and hence live in.

However, this secured environment need to be implemented and where possible built in more that its current state.

Maintenance of secured environment in Tanzania need among others, Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations (Limited and Public Companies) at large.

Mengwe Security Company is a limited Company and it is one of the Companies responsible for maintaining and builds Secured Environment in Tanzania.

Mengwe Security Services Limited is located at Sunflag Industrial area Unga Ltd office No. 27 and 28

a) To provide or procure the provision by other security services to individuals residences and premises belonging to individuals, Companies, Corporations, Local Authorities, Government institutions, bodies politic and all bodies corporate of incorporated and in particular to security guards, security alarms systems and communication system against burglary, fire, sudden illness or any other kind of emergencies whatsoever

b) To carry on the business as dealers and distributors of security equipments and systems, police belts, shoes , guns, steel helmets, whistles, siren, fire alarms, fire gutting equipments, extinguishers and apparatus, safes, locks, wireless telephones, electric waves television, radar electronic rays, and other electrical equipments, signal rockets, firearm ammunition explosives, bullet proof vests gates, burglar bars fencing and all other matters necessary in connection with such business

To eradicate poverty, ignorance and ill-health through easy access to security environment and creating opportunity for Employment to the people.


Management of Mengwe Security Services Limited is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and the smooth running of its daily activities is under the control of the Managing Director. Under the Managing Director there is Departmental heads under the following:
– Administration
– Operations
– Human Resource (HR)
– Rescue Department
– Transport Departments
Below see the hierarchical flow of Mengwe Security Services Organization Chart i.e Flow of Management information’s and operation.